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Building Safety
Do not prop doors open for any reason, even to move in. If you feel the need to prop doors open or help people get through the doors please post a person at the entrance to assist.
Never let strangers follow you into the building or elevators.
Report suspicious behavior to management or call law enforcement.
Use supplemental locking devices on sliding glass doors and windows.
Be aware of any and all special security features the building and/or your unit might have and know how to use them.
Vehicle Parking Areas
Always lock your vehicle and pocket the key. Do not hide spare keys - they can be found.
Roll windows up tight.
Some thieves specialize in lifting door lock buttons with a coat hanger or similar tool, so consider purchasing smooth, non-flared inside lock buttons for your vehicle's doors.
Never leave your purse, vehicle registration card, or other valuables unattended in a vehicle.
Anti-theft style lug nuts can be purchased to prevent a thief from stealing wheels and tires.
Do not leave valuables such as clothing, gym bags, or cameras in plain view. Remember, anything of value could be stolen.
If you have a citizens band radio or car phone in your vehicle, consider buying a locking slide mount so you can remove these items when you leave the car.
Consider buying an anti-car theft device or a car alarm.
If you hear the sound of breaking glass, look to see what it was, and then call 911.
Never let strangers follow you into the garage.
Pool, Recreation, And Other Common Areas
Keep an eye on purses, wallets, and other valuables when using common areas.
Report strange or suspicious people loitering about. Tell your manager or call security immediately.
Restrict access to residents and invited guests only.
Never prop open doors or gates.
When You Go Out
Lock all doors and windows. Even if you are gone for a moment.
Never leave notes on your door.
Connect lamps and radios to timers in your unit to give the impression that someone is at home.
Never leave a hidden key outside your apartment (e.g. under a potted plant or door mat).
Don't leave expensive items visible through your window.