Neighborhood News
Free Wi-Fi in John Carlyle Square Park
The City’s Carlyle Vitality Initiative has partnered with SHRM and Carlyle Council to provide free Wi-Fi service in John Carlyle Square Park. You will be able to surf the net while enjoying the great outdoors in Carlyle.
Capital Bike Share
Sign up for a discounted membership if you live or work in Carlyle by visiting the CCC's Discounted Membership form.
Barkan Management Company
On-Site General Manager:
Carol Bhatti, sitemanager@carlylesquarecondos.org; 703-519-6476
The front desk is typically open Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-4:00 pm
Account Executive:
Katia Singletary, ksingletary@barkanco.com; 703-584-9652
In-Unit Emergency (Electrical, mechanical, plumbing): Call a specialist for your particular in-unit issue. You are responsible.
Please review the move in/out policy.
Realtor Lockboxes
The designated location for active listing realtor lockboxes is the lockbox bar on the east side of the building by the garage entrance. Lockboxes must be removed when the listing is no longer active. Lockboxes not removed promptly will be cut and disposed of.
Resale Documents & Disclosure Certificate
Realtors and owners can access the HomeWise website to request a Resale Disclosure Packet, Statement of Account and/or Questionnaire. 
Parking Spaces for Rent
The Association has a few parking spaces available for rent at $100/month.  If interested, contact the On-Site General Manager. 
See the Rental & Donation Board on this website for parking spaces that may be available for rent by Unit Owners.
Updates are emailed periodically to the email address saved in your owner profile.
Other Organizations
Carlyle Community Council
The CCC represents the Carlyle community and is the organization that oversees the open spaces, parks and community amenities in Carlyle. The CCC serves as the business and community development organization and advocates on behalf of Carlyle stakeholders on matters impacting the community.
Post Carlyle Square Apartments
Post Carlyle Square Apartments is the high rise building adjacent to us. We share a joint garage space under the buildings. The apartment management oversees the entrance to the garage.  We share a reciprocal right-of-way for the courtyard. 
Post Carlyle Square Apartments contact information
Property Manager: Dahra Johnson, dahra.johnson@maac.com; 703-519-7678
Regional Vice President:  Jay Blackman, jay.blackman@maac.com; 901-296-1100