Neighborhood News
Free Wi-Fi in John Carlyle Square Park
The City’s Carlyle Vitality Initiative has partnered with SHRM and Carlyle Council to provide free Wi-Fi service in John Carlyle Square Park. You will be able to surf the net while enjoying the great outdoors in Carlyle.
Capital Bike Share
Sign up for a discounted membership if you live or work in Carlyle by visiting the CCC's Discounted Membership form.

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Other Organizations
Carlyle Community Council
The CCC represents the Carlyle community and is the organization that oversees the open spaces, parks and community amenities in Carlyle. The CCC serves as the business and community development organization (BID) for Carlyle and advocates on behalf of Carlyle stakeholders on matters impacting the community.
Post Carlyle Square Apartments
Post Carlyle Square Apartments is the high rise building adjacent to us. We have many shared spaces and amenities. We pay an amenity fee to use their gym and pool. We share garage space under our building and their building. The garage door is under their domain as is the door access system. We have reciprocal right-of-way for the courtyard.